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Lalthuoisang Khawbung

Place Lungthulien High School

Gender Male

SP ID# E402-63687

Birth Date 2002-05-18

Residence Damdiei

Tribe/Group Hmar

Father’s Name: Lalramhmangei

Father’s Occupation: Shifting Cultivator

Mother’s Name: Lalcheimawi

Siblings: 2 Sisters

Favorite Subject: Biology

Career Goal: Military Officer


Lalthuoisang has had to leave his home town, whose school only goes through elementary school, in order to continue his education.  By sponsoring Lalthuoisang to board at his school, you are fueling his dreams and your support will help him reach his fullest potential. You are providing an opportunity for him to grow in a loving, Christian environment that will shape his future.  Your love and prayers are making a difference beyond what you could ever know!