Job Lalnghatsang Lungchung

Place Parbung Jr. High School

SP ID# E419-70099

Tribe/Group Hmar

Residence Parbung

Gender Male

Birth Date 7/14/2008

Job Lalnghatsang Lungchung lives with his family in the village of Parbung. Job attends Parbung PM School. His favorite subject is English. His teachers say that he is doing Good in school. Job loves playing with friends.

By sponsoring Job, you are reminding him that he matters and that his life is important. You are fueling his dreams and your support will help him reach his fullest potential. Your love and prayers are making a difference beyond what you could ever know!

Tribe: Hmar
Health: Good
I have 2 Brothers
I have 0 Sisters
When I grow up I want to be: Police Officer
Notes from the field: He loves to play with his friends.