Tuobung Elementary School

Tuobung is one of the most remote Hmar village in the Pherzawl district of Manipur. It is located deep in the mountains, unreachable even by vehicles. One has to walk through forests to get to the nearest village, and then ride in a truck to reach the nearest town. The village has a population of 650 people, most of whom are Christians. The people are mostly dependent on agriculture and rearing livestock. Rice is their staple food. The village has a nonfunctioning government school with no teacher or students. BFTW is helping to run a school in the village which has up to 5th grade with plans for adding more grades in the future.

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Zebedee Lalhringkim Sungte

Father’s Name: Zaihmingthang Father’s Occupation: Teacher Mother’s Name: H. Thangmawi Siblings: 2 Sisters Favorite Subject: Science Career Goal: Doctor By sponsoring Zebe...

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