Sielmat Christian Higher Secondary School

Sielmat Christian Higher Secondary School is located in the village of Sielmat, Manipur, India. Sielmat Christian is one of two schools in our system that go through the Higher Secondary level. There are approximately 1,300 people in the village, and oer 2,700 in the school. Sielmat village is connected to the rest of the town by small roads. It is home to the Hmar tribe. The locals are mostly christians. The locals are mostly employed as teachers, government workers, mission workers, shopkeepers, carpenters and farmers. Most of them grow vegetables for their own consumption or to sell as supplement for their small income. 


Jehova Ramthlamuong Hmar

Mother’s Name: Lienthangpui Mother’s Occupation: Vegetable Vendor Siblings: 2 Brothers and 1 Sister Favorite Subject: Art Hobby: Drawing and Singing Career Goal: Teacher Jehova...

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Mary Remsangpuii Pachua

Mother’s Name: Mercy Siblings: 1 Brother and 2 Sisters Favorite Subjects: English and Science Hobby: Drawing and Dancing Mary’s father has passed away and her mother cares for th...

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Lalthakim Songate

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Davis Hmangliensang Zote

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Jemima Lalrempui Sanate

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Jeny Abemma Ningombam

Father’s Name: Bikram Father’s Occupation: Cultivator Mother’s Name: Ashalata Siblings: 2 Brothers Favorite Subject: Social Studies Hobby: Singing and Drawing Career Goal: N...

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Mark Thangmalsawm Mizo

Mark Thangmalsawm Mizo Child Number: P301- 65148 Age: 4 Years Old Village: Vanso Sielmat School: Saidan Sunshine School Tribe: Mizo Father’s Name: Deceased Mother’s Name: Muon...

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Mr. Powduanmei Rongmei

My name is Powduanmei Rongmei, born on. 1.9 1989, at Uttar Krishna Pur part 3, Manipur. My father’s name is Pouchaluang Pongmei and my mother’s name is Majasuanliu Rongmei. First...

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Vahneihoi Haokip

Vahneihoi Haokip Child Number: P301-65014 Date of Birth: 9/4/2008 Village: Zouveng, India School: SCHSS Tribe: Kuki Favorite Subject: Hindi Father's Name: (L) Haothang Haokip Father's Occup...

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