Saiphai High School

Saiphai School is located in the northern part of the state of Mizoram. The village proper has about 2,500 residents. The local people live mostly on a subsistence economy. They grow rice and vegetables for their own consumption. They also collect bamboo and sticks to make brooms from the forest to sell as a supplement to their small income. There is a small percentage of people who engage in small scale fishery and livestock rearing, mostly pigs.

Saiphai school has an enrollment of 650 students and is led by 20 staff members.




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Lalhrietzuol Ngurte

Father's Name: Rosiek Father’s Occupation: Daily Laborer Mother’s Name: Pawmawi Siblings: 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters Favorite Subject: Mathematics Hobby: Singing and Painting Career...

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Remruotsang Changsan

Father’s Name: Lalzaikung Father’s Occupation: Daily Laborer Mother’s Name: Tinkim Siblings: 2 Brothers and 1 Sister Favorite Subject: Mathematics Hobby: Art By sponsorin...

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Timothy Rodinglien Keivom

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