Parbung Jr. High School

 Parbung is a rural village of about 2,000 people perched upon one of the many beautiful hills of Northeast India. Parbung is situated in the Southwest corner of the state of Manipur near the borders of Mizoram and Assam. Parbung is home to the Hmar tribe. The local people of Parbung are mainly subsistence farmers growing crops of wheat, rice, chilies, ginger and sometimes even pineapple. The primary mode of transportation in Parbung is walking.

Parbung Partner Mission School is a small school making a huge difference. Historically this is an area where many of the people have not been formally educated, so this school is truly changing the future for the next generation. Parbung Partner Mission School has eleven staff members and an enrollment of around 160 students. 

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Albert R. Pangamte

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Lalneihlim Khawbung

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Isaac Lalthalien Songate

Father’s Name: Malsawmsang Father’s Occupation: Shifting Cultivator Mother’s Name: Lalsiemzo Siblings: None Favorite Subject: Rhymes Hobby: Playing with Friends   By sponsoring Isaac, you ar...

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Joseph Lalruotfel Songate

Joseph Lalruotfel Songate lives with his family in the village of Parbung. Joseph attends Parbung PM School. His favorite subject is Too Young to decide. His teachers say that he is doing Good in s...

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Laltinkim Songate

Father’s Name: Malsawmthar Father’s Occupation: Shifting Cultivator Mother’s Name: Lalthlamawi Siblings: 1 Sister Hobby: Playing with friends   By sponsoring Laltinkim, you are fueling her dr...

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Lalvarzing Joute

Father’s Name: Lalmalsawm Father’s Occupation: Shifting Cultivator Mother’s Name: Lallienkim Siblings: 1 Brother Favorite Subject: Numbers Hobby: Playing with friends   By sponsoring Lalvarz...

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Mary Nunthangmawi Khawbung

Father’s Name: Hminchunghnung Mother’s Name: Zarzomawi Siblings: 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters Favorite Subject: English Hobby: Playing Sports with Friends Career Goal: Police Officer   By sponso...

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