Hmarkhawlien Higher Secondary School

Hmarkhawlien School is located in the village of Hmarkhawlien in the state of Assam. The school has an enrollment of about 525 students. Hmarkhawlien is home to the Hmar tribe. The villagers are mostly Christians. The locals depends on the seasonal plantation of pineapples, coconuts and tea for their livelihood. The village is quite remote. 



A Palm Sunday celebration in the village of Hmarkhawlien



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Jessai Sinkrungha Bru

Father's Name: Lalrosiama BruFather's Occupation: PastorMother's Name: Lalrinsangi BruSiblings: 1 brother & 2 sistersFavorite Subject: EnglishHobby: PaintingCareer Goal: MissionaryBy sponsoring...

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Elizabeth Lalsanglien Biete

Father's Name: Chanchinmawi BieteFather's Occupation: CultivatorMother's Name: Mary BieteSiblings: 2 sisters Favorite Subject: EnglishHobby: Singing & DrawingCareer Goal: MissionaryBy sponsori...

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George L Khawbung

Father's Name: Goodfriday KhawbungFather's Occupation: CultivatorMother's Name: Lalparzo KhawbungSiblings: 4 sistersFavorite Subject: MathHobby: GuitarCareer Goal: DoctorBy sponsoring George, you a...

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Jasper Ramthienghlim Khawbung

Father's Name: Lalhringzing KhawbungFather's Occupation: CultivatorMother's Name: Lalnunhlim KhawbungSiblings: 2 brothersFavorite Subject: EnglishHobby: Drawing & PaintingCareer Goal: DoctorBy ...

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Lalrohlu Hmar

Progress in school: GoodFavorite Subject: MathematicsFather's Name: KhuongthahniengFather's Occupation: Shifting CultivatorMother's Name: TlanghrilkimSiblings: 1 brother, 1 sister By sponsoring La...

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