Chingrawali Academy

In a dusty, rural region south of Delhi, India, most impoverished families send their children to government schools – or not at all. While the area is largely Hindu and Muslim, a number of parents have decided that a small, isolated Christian school is the better option for their children’s education. Test scores are higher from the Christian school.  And good education may be a child’s only opportunity to escape poverty and the stigma of being from an outcast class.

Together the few Christian families in the area send about 50 children to Chingrawali Christian School.  But this simple school has little more than a building and teachers with big hearts.  Sitting at ramshackle desks in dark and spare classrooms, students study science and math, social science and drawing.  They learn English, Bible, poetry and computer skills. 

From new books and supplies, to a few computers for a computer lab, the needs of the Chingrawli School are many.  Due to the poverty of the area, the school lacks many of the supplies it so desperately needs.  In fact, nothing adorns the classroom walls except pitted concrete and, perhaps, an old blackboard and a painted cross.  Still, children are learning — and are deeply grateful they are learning from a biblical worldview.

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